The one thing that sugar florists are always in the search of, is a flower paste that will give them longer working time, is humidity resistant, is light, rolls thin, will remain flexible to minimise breakage, colours and veins well, and blends like clay when required.

After a lot of research and development, Arati along with Sugarin has been able to crack the formula for a flower paste that will do all of the above and more. She is very proud to present to you her paste which is a vast improvement over the existing pastes in the market and has tried to eliminate the drawbacks she has found in them.

  • Handles humidity well
  • Rolls very thin
  • Stays flexible for a very long time
  • Provides longer working time
  • Flowers turn out much lighter than the normal gum-paste flowers
  • Will dry up in dry weather and soften with humidity, yet holds shape
  • Does not form cracks while working
  • Blends very well with the aid of water
  • Colors beautifully
  • veins very well